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For Q-tron Audio, it is very important that you are always confident in how we process your personal information. You should be able to make sure that we have a proper and safe handling and that we never process your personal information in ways we do not.

Under applicable privacy rules, personal data may only be processed for specific purposes and if there is a legal basis for the treatment.

In this privacy policy, we describe why we treat your personal information, what personal data we process, what legal basis we support the processing of and how long the data is saved.



Personal data is information by which we can identify you directly or indirectly, such as your name or your phone number. When you chat or chat with us, they will be emailed and chat session personal information if we can link them to you.


Everything we do with your personal data is counted according to applicable laws such as treatments, regardless of whether or not we use automated systems. Examples of common treatments are collection, registration, organization, structuring, storage, processing, transfer and deletion. It even means processing to read only personal information on a computer or phone if you call and want help.


The personal information we collect about you consists only of customer information.

Customer information is such information as name, address, e-mail address, phone number. Customer information is also information about which products or services you have purchased from us. Furthermore, customer information is also other information that you provide us when you are in contact with us.


5 WHAT IS THE DATA USED FOR? In order for us to process your personal information, we have required an explicit and legitimate purpose for the treatment. Personal data may not be treated in a way that is incompatible with the original purpose. In addition to this, we must have support in law, so-called legal basis, to process personal data. The processing of personal data we carry out, we support the following legal bases: 1. The processing of your personal information is necessary to conclude or complete the agreement with you. 2. The processing of your personal data is necessary in order for us to fulfill a legal obligation, such as saving personal data for accounting purposes.


5.1 SUPPLY YOUR SERVICES We process your personal information to the extent that we need to identify you as our customer or for credit disclosure purposes. We also process your personal information in order to deliver the products and services you have ordered and to handle any repurchases and complaints. Legal basis: Completion of agreements and legitimate interest Our legitimate interest in this treatment is to ensure that we receive payment under the agreement with you.


5.2 REMOVAL OF STORAGE We process your personal information in order to fulfill the statutory obligations that apply to us, such as the accounting law's requirements for storing accounting materials. We also deal with personal data with a view to meeting the requirements for data retention in the anti-money laundering and terrorist financing measures, in order to provide information to law enforcement agencies. ' Legal basis: Legal obligation.



We collect personal information when you become a customer of us, either by submitting them to us through any of our digital interfaces or by sending them to us orally or at our resellers and we document them.



Under GDRP directive , we can not save personal data about you anymore than we need based on the purpose we treat them for. Therefore, we never save personal data just because they are "good to have" but always have a defined purpose that is supported by law.

Because the information we collect and which is created when using our products and services is treated for different purposes, they are also saved for a long time. It may therefore be that personal information about you is stored in one system but deleted in another. Below we describe some key rules as to how long we save personal data.

If we do not specify anything else, we save data for up to 5 years after the data has been saved. After this time, we will delete or anonymize our personal information in our customer register. However, personal data may remain in other systems, such as the invoice system, as we need to save them longer to fulfill the requirements of the Accounting Act.





We disclose your personal information only to law enforcement agencies according to law and authority decisions.



You are entitled to receive information about how we process your personal information. This information is provided in this privacy policy. If you have further questions about our processing of personal data, please contact us. You can find contact information at the bottom of the policy.

In addition to the right to information, you also have other rights in relation to your personal information. For example, you can influence our treatment by requesting extracts, corrections, deletions and restrictions. You also have the right to object to certain processing that we perform and request your personal information or request them to be moved.

You can read more about the respective rights below.


You are entitled to receive free information about what personal data you are dealing with (a so-called registry extract). Because it is important that we do not disclose your personal information to anyone else, a request for registry extracts must be made in writing and signed by you. The request shall also include one of your signed copies of valid ID documents.

When you submit your request, it's good to specifically specify what information you are interested in.

Please send your request to

Q-tron Audio



It is our responsibility to ensure that the personal data we and our suppliers handle is accurate and relevant. We therefore systematically manage our records and update your address information and similar information about you so that we always have the right information. If you notice that the information we have about you is incorrect or if we do not have important information, you are entitled to have your information corrected.



We will save your Customer Information as long as you are a customer with us. Once the agreement between us has expired, they are deleted (or anonymized) within 24 months, except by law we are required to save them for a longer period of time (for example, according to the Accounting Act).

You are entitled to request that we delete personal information in the following situations:

- If personal data is no longer needed for the purposes for which they have been collected and for which we treat them;

Because it is important that we do not delete the wrong person's information, a request for deletion must be done in writing and signed by you. The request shall also include one of your signed copies of valid ID documents.

Please send your request to

Q-tron Audio


9.4 RIGHT TO LIMITATION OF TREATMENT Beginning valid from May 25, 2018 You may, in some cases, require that the processing of your personal data we make is limited. By limitation is meant that the personal data will be marked so that in the future they can only be processed for certain limited purposes. The right to limitation applies, for example, if you believe that your personal information is incorrect and has requested a correction. In such cases, you may also request that our processing of your personal data be limited while investigating the accuracy of the personal data. Because it is important that we do not limit the processing of the wrong person's information, a request for restriction should be made in writing and signed by you. The request shall also include one of your signed copies of valid ID documents. Please send your request to

Q-tron Audio


9.5 RIGHT TO INFLUENCE You are entitled to object to the processing of your personal data as we do based on interest-weighting. In this case, you need to specify in writing what treatment you are facing. In such an objection, we may continue to process the treatment only if we can show that there are compelling justifying reasons why your personal data must be treated as weighing heavier than your interests. Because it is important for us to know that we communicate with the right person, we ask you to make your objection in writing and that you sign it. The objection must also include one of your signed copies of valid ID documents. Please send your request to

Q-tron Audio


10 COMPLAINTS If you believe we treat your personal information in violation of the applicable privacy policy, you should report this to us as soon as possible. You can also contact the Data Inspectorate, ("Datainspektionen" in Sweden) directly and submit your complaint.


11 PERSONAL WARRANTIES Q-tron Audio is the personally responsible and responsible for the personal data processed under the Q-tron Audio brand. We decide on the purpose of treatment and how it works. We also determine how personal data is processed when we use subcontractors.

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